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22 November 2009

In a time of horror, one needs an outlet.

This is a very bad time to be a student or teacher in California's schools, and it gets worse as your school falls down the socioeconomic ladder.

I don't know. It's all very demoralizing, and SFUSD seems bound and determined to make it as bad as possible. There is a gaping chasm between rhetoric and reality in this district, and the administrative solution seems to be that some teachers will throw themselves into it in the hopes of being a rickety bridge.

Right now it seems more likely that we're all lemmings.

In a climate like this one, it is imperative to have an outlet. All of the usual vices - alcohol, loose and attractive comrades, and so on - are not appealing (and especially unbecoming to the Kindergarten teacher at an early start school, you know?). Blogging is better than snarking, right?