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15 August 2010

My informal teacher poll is running 90% in favor of the resolution that teachers are always nervous on the first day of school.

I have a slightly overfilled class, which bodes well for healthy enrollment after the wait lists start clearing, but I've only met three of the kids and only have a couple of siblings this year so that's plenty of new children to scare me.

I also have a Resident this year, so I can be anxious about whether my classroom will provide my Resident with a powerful preservice teaching experience.

The best bet at this point is a few hours at school this morning and then successful displacement of first-day jitters onto the all-important question of first-day outfit.


Anonymous said...

I hope your first day went well and that you have a wonderful year!

Also, when you are going to let us know what outfit you picked for day one? Since we know on which side of the sartorial kinder-teacher divide you are firmly planted.

rpnorton said...

Yes, ditto to what Anon said. Want to know all about the outfit, and more importantly, how the first week went.