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11 November 2010

Annual Failure

Invariably, I have these really excellent big plans for Veteran's Day.  The general schedule is usually something like this:
  • Wake up early, but not too early
  • Eat healthy breakfast, read news
  • Clean house
  • Run eight or twelve errands
  • Fabulous workout time!
  • Find funnel neck bird print dress on sale for fifty cents in my size
  • Do one of those cook-for-the-month-then-freeze deals
  • Spend time with loved ones, pets
  • Watch "Vertigo"
  • Early bedtime
Of course, these strange midweek holidays never amount to much.  The beginning of the year is the hardest for Kindergarten, I think: the kids are at their youngest, the weather's unkind and the teacher has forty seven thousand procedures to prioritize and teach while completing days of one on one assessment.  (On the other hand, when other grades have testing stress and senioritis and whatnot, we'll be sewing and painting and reading books and going hiking, so it evens out.)  That means come mid-November, I'm tired. Hence, Veteran's Day ends up looking more like this:
  • Wake up way too early
  • Decide to have lots of helpful caffeine
  • Helpful caffeine makes going back to bed impossible
  • Eat Unhealthy breakfast
  • Start reading about current state budget crisis, get to the part where 98 guarantees are already down 2.2 billion for next year and turn immediately to reading about the McQueen retrospective Met Gala for calming
  • Think about doing laundry
  • Read books on couch with pets
  • Daylong laziness leads to inability to go to bed at a decent hour
This year I ended up going to school for a few hours to do some planning and prep stuff and cooked for two days or so.  I feel sluggish and frenetic all at once - a good run after what will undoubtedly be a strange day tomorrow should make enrollment fair manageable.  This will be my third time going and every year I find it a magical horror of noise, bright lights and sudden movements: it's far too easy to get caught up in the distraction and end up needing to spend a few hours with a cold compress and/or running on a treadmill in a dark room.

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