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02 September 2011

Three Weeks Down, Three Day Weekend.

We had a stunning turnout at Back to School Night.  My personal BtSN stress was lowered by the helpful addition of a project for parents and kids to do.  These came out really cute and I need to get to work to hang them up.

Also, the kids got to go to town on the play kitchen while there, and since they've had relatively little kitchen time they should be very happy today.

The kids also earned a special reward and voted for a Learning Video, so they get to see a Tomi Ungerer story DVD and then watch the "Solids Liquids Gases" video from Here Comes Science to preview the water unit starting next week.  Providing the Hunt for a Working DVD Player is successful, it should be a good afternoon (for a fairly warm day).

Now I just need to decide if the harem-pant jumpsuit or the Ferretti sundress provide the best warm day wear.

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bopper pye said...

Hi. I am hearing about strong turnouts for BTS night across the district. Definitely a good thing but what does it mean? Are all the scary stories about what is happening to public education starting to reach more parents?