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26 April 2012

A brief reminder:

California's last major revision of the state content standards for K-12 went hand-in-hand with class size reduction.  Back in the days of social/emotional Kindergarten, class sizes were far higher.

Those in the District ready, willing, and able to demand increased class sizes need to ask themselves how they anticipate teachers meeting standards predicated on smaller classes.  Taking a look at the latest standard adoption - the Common Core standards - should be cause for reflection, too.

Other things schools had in the days of larger classes: school nurses, paraeducators, robust supply budgets...

I understand that our new Superintendent will be taking a much-reduced annual pay than our previous one.  It's good to see that his salary reflects at least some of our financial realities.  But "sharing the pain" of bad state revenues by increasing class sizes and adding ever more furlough days is not equitable or realistic - unless we've decided we really don't care what students learn.

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