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21 April 2013

Shorter New York Times: Parents need to stop freaking out about these Common Core tests.  If we don't fail more children today, how will we know which teachers to fire?

Also, we didn't read any of our own coverage about the test's problematic content, the stress New York children are evincing due to these tests, or Pearson.  Our kids go to the kind of schools that don't allow these tests, so it wasn't relevant to us.

And stop complaining about the private concerns making big bucks off the Common Core.  They're totally research-based AND no one is making you buy Pearson materials.  Wow, you all are conspiracy theorists or unionists or something.

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Unknown said...

From the Times editorial on common core:

some parents whose children have already taken the tests are outraged. They shouldn’t be:… Common Core [standards] have been adopted by 45 states.

The New York Times has served as a demagogues echo chamber for many years. The most damning the run-up to the Iraq war. I see this New York Times editorial as being part of that pattern. It can be excited by those who have created The artificial push forward these ill-conceived standards as an echo chamber, which to some appears to be additional evidence. But it does nothing but BS

In 2002, someone in the Bush administration leaked to New York Times Iraq puppet Judith Miller that Saddam Hussein was stockpiling aluminum tubes to construct an atomic bomb. Then vice president Dick Cheney went on NBC’s Meet the Press and cited the Times story as proof that Hussein was stockpiling aluminum tubes to construct an atomic bomb.