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10 July 2014

Snit makes for posting.

FACT: Chi Tschang was found to have physically and mentally abused children while principal at KIPP Fresno.

FACT: KIPP attempted to keep Mr.Tschang in his job.

FACT: Despite corroborated and repeated incidents of child abuse, Mr.Tschang has continued to be employed by charter schools.  Currently, he supervises schools for Achievement First.

FACT: Mr. Tschang's conduct is grounds for loss of his credential in any state in the country.  Including California, where you may recently have heard it is impossible to revoke a credential.

ETA: Apparently Mr. Tschang held no California teaching credential.  Nor did he hold an emergency permit.  I suppose one way to avoid revocation is to just ignore legal obligations.

QUESTION: When will the anti-tenure folks take on Mr. Tschang?  Or is Vegara less about teacher quality and more about anti-union activism?

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