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14 August 2016

Tomorrow: The First Day of School!

And so it begins!

Here's my advice for the big FIRST DAY.  As a reminder, I am actually a teacher at a public school.  I do not merely play one on the Internet.

Therefore, my advice is reasonably trustworthy and good.

Short version:

  • Many teachers have first day checklists to fill out before you leave; please check to see if yours does before leaving.
  • The first day is chaotic.  No advance planning can keep it from being so.  Embrace the insanity.
  • When your child leaves for the day, make sure s/he alerts the adult in charge of dismissal.  This is really important.
  • Permanent marker is your friend!  Label your child's belongings.
  • Based on my reasonably large sample group of SFUSD Kindergarten teachers, it is good form to let your child's entry teacher know if you have received your waitpool school.  Otherwise we tend to take this personally. 

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