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10 January 2010

The Budget Proposal of Our "No Cuts to Education" Governor

...or, "Ten Thousand dollars in goods and services personally raised for my classroom, plus an extra two thousand of my own cash sure won't do it next year."

...or, "The Groper Governor LIED? NO WAY!"

  • K-14 education takes about 30% of the cuts, while corrections take 14%.
  • Some portion of the cuts to corrections is cuts to education programs in prisons.
  • By messing around with gasoline excise taxes, Prop 98 takes a huge cut.
  • First Five takes massive cuts.  This would require a vote, so California's taxpayers will get to pay for that, too.  This is a real pity, because First Five is fat with cash and they use it reasonably well.
  • Programs that help kids get to school healthy, fed, and happy - CALWorks, mental health programs, Healthy Families - they will all be destroyed.
  • Special education will take special cuts unless the federal government kicks in some cash.
  • The budget proposes K-12 cuts to administrative overhead.  That always ends up translating to "Let's hire consultants!"  So not only is it a cash cut, it's one that will likely destroy site budgets while claiming to get more money into classrooms.
  • In fact, the Governor's budget makes it easier to hire consultants.
  • The Average Daily Attendance cash would be cut.
  • Class size reduction takes a cut so large it might as well be ended entirely.
  • Defund almost all education funding mandates.
  • End seniority.
  • End the 15 March pink slip notice.
  • 175 day school year.

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