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21 January 2010

It is no real surprise that public education takes miserable budget hits come shortfall or surplus. It's "public" after all, and there has been a concerted effort to equate taxpayer-supported services as pits of corruption, failure and greed. Not to mention that education involves teachers, who were notoriously mean to you in second grade and are unionized. That's two more strikes right there. And then, children don't vote and their lobbyists have early bedtimes, not to mention karate practice and chores. Those really cut into wine-and-dine nights in Sacramento. Nor is it strange that poor children and children of color will suffer inequitably.

Still, looking at the budget cuts this year is enough to make one spit, or cry, or both. SFUSD is looking to cut $113 million over two years, which is what happens when the Governor says he's not cutting education funding. There is no way that this will not be ugly, but what is going to happen is so wrong that it's nauseating. (And I say this as someone who is tenured and should not receive a layoff letter).

We're looking at 30:1 class sizes, no step increases or longevity bonuses and at least two furlough days. So pretty much a salary cut for twice as many students in a classroom. Those students are unlikely to have many materials - site budgets are destroyed - and since we will have no textbook adoptions for another two years their materials will be very out of date.

As yet, no SFUSD ED, AS or Garcia himself have pledged to take a pay cut in solidarity with their staff.

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