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15 July 2010

My Summer Vacation is UPDATED.

is not over yet, but the back to school sales have sure picked up.  Anyway, I have:

  1. Had threeFOUR fairly large grants funded on Donors' Choose.  I have a nice new set of art supplies, fourteen language arts games and kits, a workbench and tools, and a puppet theatre and all kinds of extras being delivered next year.
  2. Met with someone who's running for school board.
  3. Spoke on a panel for some education reformers.  Deformed reform.
  4. Met with some Teach for America people about My Issues with Their Programming.
  5. Discussed My Issues on the phone with some national office Teach for America people.
  6. Made several hundred math counters out of Sculpey.
  7. Made dollhouse food out of Sculpey.
  8. Made beads out of Sculpey.
  9. Watched a lot of footy.
  10. Received not one but two Bafana Bafana jerseys as gifts.
  11. Used lack of television to justify watching footy at the houses of friends and relatives.
  12. Trolled their closets for classroom donations.
  13. Friends and relatives felt unable to stop me because I thoughtfully carried a vuvuzela.
  14. And I know how to use it.
  15. Came up with a dollhouse.
  16. Used all saved-up World Cup vacation money purchasing salvage couture clothing.
  17. Justified same as supporting fair trade labor, DIY ethic, etc.
  18. Purchased a large wooden kitchen for classroom.
  19. Justified same by not purchasing fabulous sale silk cape.
  20. Managed not to justify further clothing purchases by noting that I did not purchase said cape.
  21. Had all the doctors appointments I neglected over the year.
  22. Made a brand-new set of alphabet discrimination materials for students who need extra support in visual processing.
  23. Scheduled HAD necessary surgery (also neglected).
  24. Volunteered at two local organizations.

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