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06 July 2012


SFUSD has released its latest update of its strategic plan, which includes some handy pie charts, tables, and graphs.

On page two, it lists out staff by type/location: site administrators, teachers and substitutes, paraprofessionals, student support services, nutrition, facilities, and "Central Office Classified".  The last group comprises a mere three percent of District staff - 261 people.  Needless to say, I anticipate seeing this figure regularly during contract negotiations and budget battles: You must accept another week of furloughs and pay freezes because there's no room for cuts at the Central Office!

Still, not everyone at the Central Office is classified.  Many of the people working at the Central Office are certificated - they have some kind of education credential.  Where are those people counted?  And given that those folks comprise the majority of the highest salaries, I'd like to see a breakdown of district   human resources expenditures by job class, with a pie chart showing the percentages of the total allocated to various groups.

Anyway, these charts are helpful, but I get the feeling they're gaming the "Central Office" count - much in the way that the District annually "lays off" a hundred folks at 555 McAllister and then fails to lay off any of them - or even go through the motions of sending notice as required by the Ed Code (to be fair, the District was marginally more honest about that this year, which is probably in their best interest - telling the media you're laying off a hundred District staff every year suggests that thousands work at 555 McAllister, 20 Cook St., 1098 Harrison, and the rest).

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