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07 August 2014

Advance Planning Scofflaws

In February, it seemed like a totally great idea to apply for an out-of-state professional development taking place the week before I report back to work.  "This will make me be very intentional in how I pack up my classroom in May," I thought.  "And in August, I'll really need to ready the room in an organized way - as opposed to the usual eight thousand projects going at once two week hysteria!"  What an opportunity for learning I could have, even after I returned!

Now that I'm in New York - having failed to mindfully pack up my room for cleaning and to develop strategic organizational skills over the summer - I'm not so sure this was a great plan.

Plus side?  I will be so ready to implement what I'm learning, without forgetting some of it as I would had I done this training in June.  Also, I'm in Manhattan.  With my back to school money.  After a disappointing year in personal style, one that included enforced orthopedic footwear, I will be returning - nay, exceeding! - my earlier heights of fashion.

And should I spend more than I ought, I'm sure some financial institution will be ready to make money by extending credit that will allow me to purchase school supplies.  Not only do we fail to fund schools adequately, private institutions are ready to profit on that failure.  Neat!

However, I did have an idea for a business which would provide a marketplace for teachers to vacation-swap their homes.  Teachers could get reasonably priced accomodations and be assured that their tenants have passed a background check and are unlikely to break their furniture or host wild parties (probably you would want to lock your closet of off-season sale school supplies, though).

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