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06 October 2010

Businesses aren't really that good, actually.

I am so very tired of the idea that running schools the way we run corporations is a good idea.

Looking out at the wreckage of the me-first, you-never economy - a system in which some marginally smart but exceptionally greedy people made out quite well while everyone else and all of our societies teetered on the edge of collapse - it's a bit rich to think that these cats have any idea what they're talking about.

One of Michelle Rhee's big funders in DC is ex-Enron.  I don't care that not all Enron employees were criminally liable for the company's failure.  This creep was an energy trader, and all Enron energy traders - all of them, every last one - built an unsustainable system (the Enron book was worth less than nothing when finally cracked open at UBS) predicated on gaming California.

The conduct may not be illegal, but still: their business plan amounted to "Let's go long on California power, milk the system any way we can, and laugh while California goes dark.  It's okay, because they deserve it.  Shouldn't have let us write their deregulation scheme, huh?  SUCKERS."

I do not believe that the idea of making a buck on someone else's bad planning, ignorance, good nature or bad luck is a value worth enshrining.

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