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17 October 2010

Why My Job is Awesome.

  1. I get to blow minds with science - by dyeing a flower using colored water, by blowing up a balloon with yeast.
  2. I get to blow minds with arts and crafts - with water resist painting, with suncatchers, with oil pastels.
  3. I get to read all of my own personal favorite children's books, including my all-time childhood favorite story The Journey (one of the Mouse Tales) and the gruesomely fascinating, hunger-causing Zeralda's Ogre.
  4. I get to do daily ab exercises as part of my instructional routine.
  5. I don't have to sit at a desk.  In fact, I don't even have a desk.


rpnorton said...

I LOVE Zenalda's Ogre! And almost everything else written by Tomi Ungerer - ever tried "The Three Robbers?"

E. Rat said...

YES! And Crictor! And No Kiss for Mother!

I feel really lucky to be teaching now that they're all getting reprinted and I get to share them every year!