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30 March 2011

Hey, I Was Right!

One of my little extra "for the good of the community" jobs is keeping people posted on the state budget.

A couple of weeks ago, I added an update to the staff lounge posting that delineated GOP demands for a special election.  I included the line item "ponies for all!".

Two days later I crossed out "ponies" and wrote in "unicorns".

The next day I changed that to "pegasi".

It ends up that was hyperbole: all they really wanted was ponies (at least, that's what Steinberg told the Chronicle.

So now it's budget apocalypse, since the Speaker's "MAJORITY VOTE NOW" plan seems to be going the same way as the Speaker's budget proposal did last year.  I'm hoping for some good gimmicks, and for SFUSD to take more cut at the 555 Franklin and drop less upon their school sites, but I am not hopeful for either.

What I can take away from this:

  • Rich People before Everyone Else, says the Republicans.
  • Jerry Brown: no better than before.
  • SFUSD: in possession of at least two more years of state-blaming.
  • My School: 50% of the classroom staff is getting laid off.
  • Equity: a greeting card sentiment.

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