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03 March 2011

What with the space heater oscillating luscious air, the organic and delicious diet from the school garden, a soothing playlist of international love songs and some delightful egg shells, the snails finally started to ENGAGE IN THE LIFE CYCLE ALREADY.

Alas, they decided to engage in it at the time when the recess assistants and I were cleaning the terrarium.  On the plus side, this made for some excellent science lessons and we got to show our buddy class next door (they are also raising snails and we do silkworms together, too).

On the downside, I am afraid we interrupted the process so badly that we will not get eggs in a few weeks and our snails remain prudish.

Also on the upside though, I have now gotten every kid in the class to decide to hold a snail.  And the one with the broken shell has eaten a mess of chalk and eggshell, leading to shell patches.

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