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28 February 2011


Dear My Union Leadership,

While I recognize that official District notification of the Special Board Meeting would have been the right thing for the District to do (and that their failure to do so is offensive to their certificated staff and its collective voice)...

if I knew there was a meeting and by Saturday had already read the agenda, then you could have done the same.  I do not have mystical ESP.  The Superintendent does not update me on his nefarious plans to lay off teachers, yet refuse to share the pain personally.  Human Resources doesn't let me see the memos they send to the administrative officials whose contracts aren't getting renewed until after the teachers are officially out the door.  Etc.

In closing, I find your outreach initiative kind of amusing when I am not assuming best intentions.  Otherwise it's great.  It just strikes me that you might try to increase your outreach to your own members, particularly those at non-active school sites and those schools with young staffs first.


I remain,

E. Rat

P.S.  Please do continue to stand strong against "collaboration".

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