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03 February 2011

Tet and Furlough

The Tet and furlough weekend is nice for many families, but I need to get into the shower pretty fast here because I am babysitting a kid at my school whose family was out of options for childcare today.  These weird weeks are hard on families...not to mention my pocketbook, since Friday funday is also Friday nopay for me.

I got a chance to look at the District's new plans for middle schools and bus routes.  I admit that I am irritated that there's evidently money for a 7th period at middle schools but not enough for lowering class sizes at the highest-need non-QEIA schools.  (Same funding source?  Probably not.  In favor of a 7th period?  Oh yeah.  Piqued anyway because I think 14:1 would make the biggest impact on student achievement and it isn't that pricey?  Yep.)

The middle school plan is...not my cup of tea.  I am not clear how it creates more equity and I don't think it's intended to do so.  I'm curious about the projections the bus plan used, but it I like better.

We had two tours this week, which makes for maybe ten or twelve this year.  That's a lot more than last year (two or three) or any year before (zero).  People liked what they saw, although their surprise at seeing it is always a little trying.

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