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26 February 2011

Perils of the Early Start

Were we a late-start school, I would not have needed to walk to work in driving rain and hail.  I was very glad for the new space heater.  While my coat was too drenched to dry out in a day, my shoes were only damp by afternoon.

Whenever we get a heavy rain, the drain in the main schoolyard is overwhelmed and we get a neat lake: a giant puddle that can get to be six inches deep.  It has wind-waves and everything.

Yesterday I taught my class how to fold a paper boat.  We made some predictions and went sailing on Lake Elementary.  Then we wrote about it (new vocabulary word: "waterlogged").

It was awesome!  By nine o'clock it was sunny outside, and the breeze came from different directions so the boats sailed all over the place before taking on too much water and sinking.  No one stepped in the lake but one child mostly on accident (well, and then me and the yard teacher doing boat retrieval).  The kids' writing was really good, too; some of them wrote about the process of boat-making, some of them about the experiment.

In short: good times.

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