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16 February 2011

Memo to Self

I have a field trip today that is a first-time event: it was arranged through the Nutrition Project and this is the first time they've sent a class to this site or even done this activity as an off-site event.  It involves taking my class on MUNI, and so that we can take one train rather than three buses, we are going to have a little walk.  It is raining at present and gusts are expected all day.

So given all of these factors, an extra-alert teacher would be something good to have.

I'll have to settle for a teacher who kept coming up with new plans in her sleep for making this trip go smoothly and finally gave up on the whole sleep thing at 3:45.

Oh well.  It will be excellent.  I have a full complement of adults - chaperones, Residents and SNCs coming with us.  The hour-by-hour weather report suggests that a picnic lunch on the way back will be a possibility, I have a toque for each child and the best field-trip pants ever.

Of my twenty four pockets, I plan to use:

  1. MUNI fare pocket.
  2. MUNI transfer pocket.
  3. Personal Clipper card and ID pocket.
  4. Mobile phone pocket.
  5. Emergency car sickness gum/lozenge pocket.
  6. Bandaid pocket.
  7. Hand wipe pocket.
  8. Additional badge pocket.
  9. Emergency non-MUNI money pocket.
  10. Keys pocket.
  11. Chapstick and cold medicine pocket.
That will leave me with a baker's dozen pockets before counting jacket pockets.  EXCELLENT.

I had twenty one students until December, when one moved across the Bay.  Two students moved over the break.  Two more moved out of state this month.  I am taking this personally.  Realistically, I know this is due to many factors for which I am not actually responsible, but I miss my students and I'm still taking it personally.  However, for my remaining sixteen it does mean lots of personal attention and some pretty cool projects, including COIL POTS.  COILING the POTS consumed a great deal of attention, far more than I thought it would, and left the kids tired out by the brain expenditure.

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