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22 February 2011

California Education Fun Fact of the Day!

Despite unprecedented funding cuts to public education over the last three years, the state has continued to fund 'basic aid' Districts - those that keep their own property tax monies in exchange for accepting only basic funding from the state - in excess of the state's own constitutional requirement.

So if your district has enough cash from its homeowners and businesses and the taxes they pay, the state rewards your fiscal prudence of being located in a wealthy area by handing you extra cash.

In short, it's more Dooh Nibor funding schemes.  I'm not a fan of basic aid districts - I think Gray Davis was right to challenge them.  By keeping their own pool of money, they may protect their own students, but they do so at the expense of the rest of the children in the state.  The idea that my tax dollars are supporting a little bonus for them is irritating.

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