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26 March 2011

Who Are These People, Anyway?

Cobb: Dr. William Cobb was the first African American principal in SFUSD (so no, the school's not named for the roller coaster guy).

Lilienthal: Claire Lilienthal was on the BoE and was a civil rights activist.

Serra, Milk, Carmichael, Carver, Chavez, Malcolm X, Moscone, Drew...everybody knows these, right?

Frank McCoppin and ER Taylor were Mayors of San Francisco.

McLaren CDC is named for the Park Superintendent.  He also designed Lithia Park in Ashland, one of my favorite non-Shakespeare, anti-bipolar parks in all the land.

John Yehall Chin was an educator.

Gordon J. Lau was the first Chinese American elected to the Board of Supervisors of San Francisco.  He was part of the Milk/Silver/Moscone progressive government contingent.

This is kind of neat.


Anonymous said...

Embarrassed that I had to Google Carmichael...so glad I did!

E. Rat said...

I felt the same having to search Gordon Lau. There are some great stories in the names of schools though!