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18 July 2011

How List Making Went

I was absolutely supposed to:
  • laminating several sets of flash cards for long-term viability,
  • mapping out where the furniture goes this year, and
I didn't map out furniture, which was probably a good thing in that I have several pieces I wanted to move that end up being an inch or so too big for where I wanted to put them.  However, finding this out without a map probably led to more furniture-moving than necessary.

  • hanging fadeless paper and bordette on all appropriate surfaces.
It is a pet peeve of mine not to replace fadeless and border every year.  Fadeless fades; I'll use the same set of calendar tags for a few years but not bulletin boards: it's depressing.  I have four bulletin boards in my room.  I repapered three and papered one wall entirely.  The fourth bulletin board I didn't do because I didn't want to move everything in front of it and because I think it will probably be the calendar wall (which requires special treatment).

I may also consider:
  • Moving the library to the other side of the classroom (this is a major endeavor),
I decided against this.  I worked out a new way to contain the enormous quantity of books.  I'm still planning to clear out some books and give them to the ex-Resident, I think.
  • Plugging in the computers and printing out game sets, and
  • Hanging filters and contact paper on all the windows (to cut down on glare/heat).
I did none of the things on my "don't do" list, and I also:
  • moved the computers elsewhere
  • fixed a shelving unit
  • had a mild fit when I realized one of my classroom rugs was thrown away.  Admittedly, it was very old.  However, since it is unlikely to be replaced, it's a loss
  • had a larger fit when I realized my incubator had been moved, dropped, and badly re-boxed during the waxing process.  I could not bear to see if it was broken but will have to go in and check that.  It's $150 to replace it and I need to buy silkie eggs this year, so...argh.
  • broke an extra brooder light bulb and hunted the hall for my broom and dustpan to sweep it up.

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