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12 July 2011

Search Keywords: AB114 and Currently Laid-Off Employees

There is nothing in AB114 that would compel districts to hire back teachers currently laid off.  If you are a currently employed teacher, you cannot be laid off this year.  This is NOT because of the heralded 15 March/15 May process, but because AB114 closed the late window that allows teacher layoffs over the summer given falling school budgets and a completed state budget.

AB114 does require districts to budget for the year as if revenues will meet (very optimistic) projections.  So if a district has teachers currently laid off, based on budget decisions made using a low-end estimate, they could (hey, should even) rescind layoffs.  But they are not required to do so and I would suspect recissions will not begin until very close to the beginning of the school year, if at all.

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