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04 July 2011

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Yes, it is okay for teachers to have feather extensions.  A member of our afterschool program does hair bling and feathers, so teachers at my school can get fancy on their lunch breaks and therefore we have a significant minority boasting them.  That said, I've met teachers from other schools at all levels with hair feathers.

The environmental/appropriation issues remain, of course.

I may be the wrong person to ask though, seeing as I both have visible tattoos and tend to go in for the more extreme hair dye options - last year, red and blue; this year I'm going with white blonde to start.  I've also been at my site for years and live four blocks away, so families have had plenty of time to get used to my sartorial decisions.

I went shopping Saturday and had this conversation.

Elementary Rat: I suppose I do not need a slightly too big pleather and lace dress.
Shopping Companion: It is certainly not a practical item.
ER: None of my clothing is practical.
SC: Well, that's true.

Actually, it was kind of a shocker Saturday in that Jeremy's was having a sale and I bought nothing.  This summer I've only bought one coat, a shrug, six dresses and a skirt.  Oh, and a pair of shoes.  I've also been given a bolero and another skirt.  I've unloaded maybe three times that, though.

For the record: I spend my discretionary income entirely on my classroom and my wardrobe.  I do not drive an automobile, eat out regularly, watch/payfor television/cable, or go on fancy vacations (the New York trip was totally closet and classroom related: I visited some East Coast teacher cronies and went to the Savage Beauty exhibit.  In conclusion, I refuse to feel bad about how I spend my money.

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