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10 August 2012

Big Questions of the Quotidian Educator

  1. Why must a table always be just an inch too wide to go where you want it to?
  2. Why are the outlets located in areas that will require great feats of cord and duct tape to access?
  3. Why do isopods come into the school building where they cannot breathe well and therefore die?
  4. Why does fadeless paper fade so egregiously?
In other news, every year I find that I become ever more exacting in my supply requirements.  For instance, I bought a whole lot of Astrobrights paper yesterday, paying a premium over less brightly colored, thinner choices.  That said, sometimes specificity is warranted.  For instance, no permanent marker combines the exactitude of line, even flow of ink, and low-odor that a brand-name Sharpie or Mark-It does, and as a left-handed person these things are important for keeping one's person neat and ink-free.

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