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31 August 2012

Unfortunate Timing

Late summer and early fall brings many new book publications as well as the beginning of the school year, and this week my limited impulse control and voracious book consumption went head to head with the need to get a full night of sleep before a day of new Kindergartners.

Worst of all, I have an e-book reader and actually started using it over the summer, which means that I can have all available books in a series (yeah, I read low-brow literature: so what?) in an instant and at times delivered in massive, inexpensive omnibus editions.

In the end, I managed the scheduling conflict by reading books rather than the news in the morning.  Like a lot of people with attention deficit hyperactivity disorder, I need to get up earlier than most people to function well.  So I filled my time with urban fantasy.  Generally I'd feel guilty about not keeping up on current events, but missing the latest developments in American politics was probably a good more for my blood pressure.

In other news, I have the only classroom in my building with no known mice issues.  This seems unlikely; the exterminator was going to do a full check this afternoon.  I hope I don't have mice.  The hygiene issues would be upsetting, and I had pet mice as a kid and can't deal with the traps.  On the other hand, if there are truly no mice in my room, I have to wonder if one of the snakes we occasionally find in our building has taken up residence in my room.  (Just because this is extremely unlikely does not make it something I don't worry about.)  I am going in this weekend and have already bribed someone to check for traps in my room and remove them if they are present and filled before I enter.

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