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27 December 2012

Teacher Esoterica: Yet More Surprisingly Useful Tools

(Part of an occasional series.)

1.  An iron, because:
  • Fuse beads are great for fine motor and for keeping children occupied while you assess, and they require an iron.
  • You can also do faux stained glass (note: if you do this you will want to stock up on child-safe veggie peelers).
  • If you are lucky enough to have access to a laminator, you have probably noticed that it a. breaks often; b. requires film so expensive your school cannot afford a year's supply; c. is nearly impossible to refill when you do have film.  An iron and some laminating pouches  make quick work of most small laminating jobs.
2.  Plastic pippettes, because:
  • They're great for fine motor development.
  • If you have the Ksters use these to water their plants, fewer plants drown.
  • Pippettes + diffusion paper = cool art.
  • This project is so fun (and so messy).
3. Strawberry baskets, for:
  • stacking,
  • storing (I keep bingo board tiles in these and then stack them.  Since they're stacked, the tiles don't fall out).
  • a wide variety of craft projects.

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