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24 December 2010

Christmas List!

Dear Red-Suited Imaginary Arctic Gift Givers,

I may not have been good this year, but definitely I did good things.  Despite epic budget cuts, regular interludes without heat and the daily denigration of my profession, I have successfully taught my students to read, figure, and treat others with a modicum of respect.

Given American capitalism's "pay for breathing" plans for CEOs, I suppose I could demand presents without any work.  However, the same Rand-reading illiterates* receiving bonuses for their ability to take in oxygen seem to think teachers have something to prove.**  Hence the above.  Additionally:

  • I did NOT go to New York so that I could be used to denigrate my own profession.
  • I voted in all elections.
  • I spoke at Board meetings, gave interviews to the press, and had my picture in national publications. In all venues, I observed that equity is not equality.
  • I spoke against child-blaming, parent-blaming and teacher-blaming.
  • I took responsibility for my students' learning and demanded that the powers that be take responsibility for their inequitable actions.***

I'm worthy.  I demand presents:

  1. Math and reading games to fill the backpacks for my students to take home this summer.
  2. Bird print funnel neck dress, size 38 or 40 IT.
  3. SFUSD cuts administrative paychecks and positions BEFORE cutting teacher jobs.
  4. UESF does not capitulate on "No Layoffs".
  5. We get the PAC-TIN grant.
  6. Magical black tights that do not get ladders.
  7. Aga Six-Four stove and range.
  8. 20:1 class size reduction K-12 throughout the state.  12:1 reduction at "high needs" schools (say, those with FRLP over 75% and/or those serving a major public housing development).
  9. Lots of nifty light fiction.
  10. My very own cross trainer and/or elliptical machine.
As you can see, my desires are both many and extravagant.  I figure such an attitude has served Lloyd Blankfein well, so it can't hurt me any.

In anticipation,

E. Rat

*Yes, I meant for that to happen.  You don't really need strong reading comprehension skills to suffer through Ayn Rand.  Her books are all a disturbing amalgamation of bad, mildly sadomasochistic romance novels and repetitive semi-philosophical pablum.
**And the ones who didn't slap some sense into those boys DO.
***Not that they did, of course.  How much you want to bet that Garcia declines to take a solidarity pay cut (beyond furlough days) again this year?


Anonymous said...

There's a weird secret SFUSD plan to beef up the Parent Engagement office, increasing administrative costs and staff. Of course Parent Engagement is a good thing, but there are strange things about this plan, not least of which is that this is not the time to increase administrative costs at 555 Franklin.

The plan would either replace the current Parent Relations Director with a higher-level Executive Director, or add the higher-level position -- it's not clear which -- and increase the size and duties of that office.

What's weird is that it's being created in secret by a school board member, Sandra Fewer. School board members' job is to set policy, not design and manage SFUSD administrative operations. It's weirder that an office that's supposed to be about parent engagement is being designed in secrecy.

E. Rat said...

I don't think this plan is really secret. At least, school sites with parent liaisons are probably aware of it.

That said, the Board seems to have an incredible disconnect between costs and budget reality - a rather larger disconnect than the one they claim teachers who demand no layoffs have. At least we're not adding administrators every year.