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03 December 2010

If I Put My Jacket Over My Head, Will It Be Over Sooner?

Yesterday's rating: NOT AWESOME.

  1. Member of my family in hospital having major surgery (which went fine, if gruesomely).
  2. Fax machine overloaded as School Transportation cancels each and every free bus field trip already confirmed for this school year.
  3. School under lockdown for most of the afternoon.
  4. The lockdown was due to a shooting, one that killed a former student of our school.
Today we have an oh-so-exciting District Walkthrough, which after a banner three hours of sleep should be fun for child and adult alike.

I predict much painting, crayon melting recycling and similiar this afternoon.  We're all going to need it.


Anonymous said...

hi elementary rat
i like your blog and linked to it on mine. my blog is much more personal and i barely mention work, but i work for and have kids in the district and am very interested in education (yes, a neurotic sfkfiles reader too). i used to work at mclaren CDC and was there for several lockdowns.


E. Rat said...

Some of my cutest students are from McLaren CDC!