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06 December 2010

Mad Crafty.

Winter Wreaths
You will need:

  • packing peanuts (12 or so per kid)
  • green fingerpaint
  • chenille stems
  • glitter (optional)
  1. Give children a pile of packing peanuts and a dollop of paint.  Encourage them to paint the peanuts using their fingers as opposed to dipping them into their paint.  Mention in grave tones the Dread Project That Never Dries (totally works).
  2. Once children have amassed a pile of green packing peanuts, direct them to impale their packing peanuts onto a chenille stem.  Peanuts should be placed closely together.
  3. Once the stem is largely covered, take stem and send children to nearest soap and water.  Remind them to avoid touching walls, floors, their faces, their jackets and other items until they are less green about the hands.
  4. If you have been smart enough to teach color word metaphors, at least one child will inform you that his or her hands are in fact the green eyed monster.
  5. Curl the chenille stem so that it makes a circle and wrap closed.
  6. Invite children to select a glitter color.  Note that glitter looks best when used sparingly.  Note that if we use up our glitter supply in December, we will not have any in January, February, March, April or May.  Resign self to epic glitter shortages by early Spring.
  7. While projects are still wet, allow children to sprinkle glitter on both sides.  Glitter will adhere to the paint.  Cough theatrically from spendthrift glitter use.
  8. When the projects are dry, a small bow can be made using another chenille stem (half).
  9. Affix wreath to yarn loop or suction cup hook.
These actually come out pretty cute.  The kids are always terribly impressed.  I didn't do them last year, but we did them today.

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