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19 May 2012

Five Days Left

For the most part, I think we're set for the end of the year.  The sashes the kids wear ("Future ") are made, and no further career adjustments are allowed.  The paper people are done, sorted with their brainstorms and drafts, and ready for hanging.  The kids mostly know their song ("If You Want to Sing Out, Sing Out"...something different this year), report cards are finished, we plotted out all the end of the year massive messy projects, etc.

The current in-class rage is Pikachu, which the kids might enjoy more if they cheated less.  As it is, it's just a massive excuse for cheek-pinching.

The chicks are alright - well, two of them are growing robustly.  I am here to tell you that whoever said Silkie chicks don't fly was inaccurate.  The third chick is not growing as fast; it's the one I hatched.  It seems generally okay (it eats, drinks, isn't picked on by the others, and is growing wing feathers) but it falls down a lot.  Its feet are smaller and the toes are less splayed.  When they move to my house next Friday, we'll probably splint its weaker leg for awhile.

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