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03 May 2012

Negotiations Update

Dear Teaching and Similar Staff,

Your union representatives are meeeeeeaaaaan.  They want us to lay off your colleagues.  We know because they won't accept the awesome, balanced, fair contract we think is best.

Seriously, our offer is even more fair and balanced than Fox News.  Here's what we're offering:

  • bigger class sizes
  • more furlough days
  • pay freezes
  • less prep time
  • fewer substitutes
We're emailing you directly because we know that our teaching staff is smart and will be able to see how great our offer is.  Remember, if you strike you don't get paid at all - so really, losing 10% of your salary is a good deal.  And if you're worried about teaching the same standards to more kids who got less ECE over a shorter year, well, you people always work something out.

So contact your union today and tell them: capitulate!


SFUSD Labor Relations

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