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30 May 2012

We All Go Down Together.

California released its updated list of districts that cannot meet financial obligations in 11-12 or 12-13 and districts may not meet financial obligations in those years or 13-14.  Needless to say, even more districts are falling into the red.

One hundred and eighty eight school districts are on the latter list, which includes some heavy hitters like LAUSD and Sacramento.  Also included are some districts the state was supposed to have fixed (OUSD and Compton - I guess austerity doesn't work in school funding, either) and some local poor districts (Alum Rock and Ravenswood).  (It also includes Portola, which I assume will have an auction or something to take care of the problem.)

SFUSD is on neither list.  This is positive, particularly for Superintendents who like their paychecks and Boards that like their power.  (I don't say state takeover is good - I think the state bankrupted OUSD permanently, actually - but I think we need to remember that its immediate impacts may affect how one views it.)

On the other hand, barring tax increases passing in November, a whole bunch of these districts will fall into receivership (some will anyway; heck, some of the districts on the list already are).

SFUSD is fond of ruminating on how if its teachers do not agree to big paycuts and ten pencils for the year's supplies, it may end up on one of these lists.  It didn't.  Perhaps it should come up with some other apocalyptic threats for its unions.

It's also worth mentioning that USAF - the administrators' union - has been cheerfully trumpeting its the lack of cuts to its members for quite awhile now.  Apparently state takeover is only a threat for teachers.

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