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24 May 2012

Seeing as how I declined an all-expenses-included invitation to participate in NBC's 2010 Education Deformation, I figured I would never hear from that particular group of eager reformers.

I was wrong - I received an invitation today to apply to their "Education Champions" Fellowship Program, through which I can meet with "thought leaders" and influence their opinions on topics like "technological tools for teachers and principals" and "the development of plans to incorporate teacher leadership roles in school design".

In other words, I can hang out with Joel Klein and his team at Fox and hear from Michelle Rhee and the gang how bubble tests for Kindergartners should be (expensively, by private concerns) created and administered so that my performance as an educator can be assessed.

What excitement!  Needless to say, I'd be jumping right in to that application were it not for the need to find my very oldest, least-to-be-missed yet still school appropriate clothing for today's physics/abstract expressionism lesson.


Sarah Lawton said...

ERat, I love your blog and your acerbic commentary. I hope you have a wonderful, healthy, happy summer that includes at least one fabulous new dress.

Anonymous said...

Are you referring to those bubble tests given by the Stanford folks, who seem to have never worked with a public school child in their life? Terrible.

I also agree with the comment above. Have a great summer, you've earned it.

E. Rat said...

Thank you!