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06 June 2012

Final Tallies, Grant City

Donors Choose Projects Fully Funded This Year: 15
Donors Choose Projects Fully Funded, Lifetime: 49

Art Room Aid Projects Fully Funded This Year: 1
Art Room Aid Projects Significantly Funded: 2
(You can buy materials with partial funding on ARA)

Art in Every Classroom Mini Grants Received: 1

Final Tally on Massive School-Related but Not for School Fundraising Project: over $16,000
(most ever raised by school for any cause by $15,000)

Scholarships: 1

...so all in all, not too shabby.

For next year, I'm hoping to get 12 funded Donors Choose Projects, receive a Fund for Teachers grant, and get at least one more ARA project or other miscellaneous grant.  I just wrote three new DC projects - one for books and two to replace broken materials, and have two up at present.  So I suppose that's a good start.

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