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06 June 2012

My school is in the final third of schools to get Prop. A updating and refurbishment.  My dream list:

  • Asbestos removal. (not going to happen, but I'm very suspicious of the "encapsulation", since the "Don't poke holes in the walls" memo is delivered only orally and only by teachers in the affected wing...and only when we remember).
  • Pipe De-Leading.  If you flush the pipes for five minutes, they run clean (convenient for testing), but this requires that someone, every day, stands in front of the fountain, depressing the button with a thumb, for three hundred seconds.  I have a hard time believing substitute teachers will remember to do this.  I cannot myself remember to do it every day.  So I don't allow the children to drink water from the classroom tap.  This is inconvenient and expensive (I provide bottled water as needed, so it's wasteful, too).
  • Hole Closure.  I have three apparently by design open sections of wall that expose wiring.  I'd like these to be covered by something more lasting than fadeless paper.
  • Reliable Heating.  Classrooms below fifty-five degrees for over a week is not optimal for learning, bad for children, and rotten for my personal health.  I suffered nerve damage in the icebox of my classroom this year.
  • Windstops on All Doors.  Currently, windstops are available only if you have seen a rodent, rodent nesting, or rodent waste in your classroom.  This is a cost issue.  Guess where the rodents hang out now?
  • Green Schoolyarding and Further Xeriscaping.
  • Refurbished Outdoor Water Fountains.  Most of the Ksters need a non-drinking child to pull the lever for them while they drink.
  • New Wiring.  I would like to be able to run a fan and a computer at the same time without blowing the electricity.
  • Bookshelves, Bookshelves, Bookshelves.  Does this count?

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