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04 June 2012

Vote Tomorrow!

I am a voter without political affiliation and a financially literate and well-informed one at that, so it was with some interest that I read on the New York Times about the non-partisan group Govern for California.

The group claims interest in financially-literate voters.  Based on their boilerplate, their dream voter is a charter-school supporting, public-pension hating, anti-union type who also would approve the occasional tax increase providing it was regressive.

Needless to say, I think this is pretty limited financial literacy, especially given that charter schools are very expensive, public pensions have suffered under high-stakes corporate management and thanks to the financial crisis created by titans like the organization's founders, and that Proposition 13 is increasingly unpopular for all that we ignore it.

So I wrote them a snide reasonably balanced and definitely polite, if somewhat snarky email asking them to share some of their financial literacy with me, and noting that being a Decline to State voter (or a nominal Democrat, as is one of their founders) does not mean one does not adhere to some standard Democratic or Republican positions.  (After all, I'm a decline to state voter and well to the left of the Democratic Party.)  I also requested some more explanation of their general view of job creation and retirement benefits as a whole.  I do not eagerly anticipate a response.

Anyway, since I am a well-informed voter I will be one of the minority of registered Californians to make a trip to the polls tomorrow.  I am already not looking forward to November's election, because forests died so that Phillip Morris could flood my mailbox over Proposition 29 already.  Heaven forfend what a general election will bring.

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