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17 June 2012

Oh, so descriptive.

From the New York Times (bold mine):

Dr. Wolff was not one to easily back down. She resembles a kindergarten teacher, with plain eyeglasses and hair tucked behind her ears, but she has spent much of the past two decades immersed in the prison system, interviewing inmates across the Northeast. Along the way, she has become a critic of New Jersey’s halfway houses.

Well, I can't speak for all Kindergarten teachers, but this Kindergarten teacher went out last night wearing a backless dress and ninja boots, to watch another Kindergarten teacher play in a rock band.  Neither had hair tucked behind their ears, and both select stylish spectacles when applicable.

Also this week, I swapped info on tattoo artists with yet another Kindergarten teacher.  Later today, I plan to go purchase a new red lipstick and go to the gym.  At that point, I will tuck my hair behind my ears, since I don't want it to get caught on a barbell or anything.

Needless to say, I now plan to write whenever applicable that a person resembles a journalist, with a downtrodden air, jaded eye, and outdated perspective.

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