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05 November 2012

Alternate Reasons to Vote Yes on Prop. 30

  1. By voting yes on Prop. 30, you pay homage to the Kindergarten state content standards in math (number recognition, counting, and writing to thirty!) in their last year of use.
  2. Arizona: land of Sheriff Arpaio, Russell Pearce, and SB 1070.  Arizona-based groups are dropping millions to defeat Prop. 30 in California.  Do you want to let them win?
  3. Jerry Brown is not going to be such a happy guy if it fails, which will make "California Uber Alles" a whole lot less fun to sing.
  4. Sixteen extra furlough days, massive cuts to social/emotional services, and at least one hundred teachers laid off in San Francisco Unified.
Whyever you do it, vote YES on 30.

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