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04 November 2012

Unsent Letters, Again.

Dear Justine Kennedy,

If on Tuesday you follow your inclination to vote against Proposition 30, I hope that you anticipate your career in epidemiology to provide you with ample funds for your  baby's eventual private school education.

Your vague sense that school funding is waste or perhaps corrupt may not be much more than that, but the ruin 30's failure will visit upon California schools is quite real.  Your no vote supports the continued decision of California taxpayers to rob our children now.  This will of course eventually cost us dearly, because the outcomes of a poorly-educated populace are far more expensive than education.

And indeed, even if you provide your own child the best education possible, all those children you voted to ignore will be your problem as we send them into a six billion dollar pit.  At the bottom they'll find only the PreK to prison pipeline and increased safety net costs.  We'll all of us, including you and your child, pay those in the end.

I hope you think better of your vague and unsourced sense that a quarter cent tax increase is highway robbery, and that schools will find a way around your selfishness.


E. Rat

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