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17 November 2012

Oh REALLY? Really.

I have a couple of kids this year who use sarcasm without really getting it - they've picked up on adult phrases (like the title) and don't exactly get how it works.  It's pretty funny actually, and while I generally try to diplomatically explain why such phrases are not situationally appropriate, it's contagious.

Indeed, I found myself muttering the above phrase when I saw this.  Of course, this is a story from Tiger Beat on the Potomac and presumably just the fevered imaginings caused by terminal bipartisanshipitis, but still:

REALLY?  I mean, really.

Arne Duncan's limited experience (and less than limited results in Chicago) are bad enough, but at least he's got enough sense to, oh, not come out publicly against the CTU.  In Michelle Rhee, you get someone who not only has a documented record of abusive behavior in the classroomlied about her classroom impactpresided over a massive cheating binge and its coverupsupports union-busting in and out of education, and endorses bigots.

And that's without getting into her fear of an Obama administration and the horrible things it would do, like possibly talking to Linda Darling-Hammond, back in 2007 and 2008.

If Rhee's a good candidate for Secretary of Education, then I think it's clear that the only reasonable replacement for Tim Geithner is Andy Fastow.  Heck, at least Fastow was the resident Democrat at Enron (although that apparently just meant that you refuse to golf at Augusta National and fail to bundle for Bush-Cheney).

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Cameron said...

WOW. I had to look a LONG way down the line to see Rhee as a possible Duncan replacement.

It makes me mad to see people like her lying about her classroom performance on her resume. If you are in TFA and actually tell the truth about how hard it is to make gains you just end up feeling like a loser.Later you find out you were comparing yourself to people who lied about their performance as teacher. Sigh.