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19 January 2013

100 Day Projects

These are the projects that I intend to do this year.
  1. 100 Day necklaces: 10 groups of pony beads, each group containing 10 beads.  This requires a fairly large assortment of pony bead shapes and colors; the cheapest way to get the requisite materials is to purchase mixed bags and sort them yourself (or which child assistance; sorting by attribute is a Kindergarten state standard and an enjoyable short math center).
  2. 100 Day sticker pictures - 100 color coded label dots and a piece of 9 by 12 paper.  It is a good idea to have a couple of samples available to give the kids some ideas.  We have also suggested telling stories using the label dots or recreating story events with them.  These labels fall off fairly easily, so if it is very important to you that every picture has exactly one hundred dots when it leaves your classroom, they need to be laminated or similarly treated.
  3. Some kind of 100 day snack.  In the past I've done trail mix bags, but this year I think I'm going to some kind of salad or salad wrap, possibly along the following lines:
    • 10 cucumber slices
    • 10 baby carrots
    • 10 celery sticks
    • 10 cherry tomatoes
    • 10 lettuce leaves
    • 10 red pepper rings
    • 10 jicama sticks
    • 10 zucchini slices
    • 10 oyster mushrooms (we are growing these right now)
    • 10 kohlrabi slices
The class can chop those things into smaller pieces, to be mixed with (probably) some edamame, topped with (possibly) a few sunflower seeds or cheese shreds and served in a collard green leaf.

Other project possibilities:
  1. Handprint number lines - 20 handprints, skip counting by five to 100.  This project was time-consuming but a lot of fun.  I have also done this with hand die cuts, but it was less fun without being much less work.
  2. Finger print number lines - 10 sets of all 10 finger prints, counting by tens to 100.  (Or one hundred prints of one finger). 
  3. 100 day crowns - a sentence strip and 100 jewel stickers.
  4. Coloring 100 stars (I made a 10 by 10 table in Word and used the draw tool to make and then copy a star into every box).
The One Project To Avoid:
  1. Cereal Necklaces.  Sure, you can group any ring-shaped, fruit-flavored cereal into groups of ten and then string it.  But it's sticky, messy, and time-consuming (way longer than beading).  Also, it requires tons of cereal, because any given box only has a few hundred rings and many are misshapen and broken.  This project will also make your classroom smell like tutti frutti cereal for days.  It is not a pleasant smell.

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