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07 January 2013

Billionare/Teacher Meet Up Service?

The thing I don't get about offensive claims like these (Joel Klein knows a bunch of teachers who share damaging information with him and him alone off the record) is where do these plutocrats meet these teachers?

Seriously.  Do they have some kind of Meet Up online?  Do low-paid mayoral aides set it up?  Because despite all they claim to know about teachers - that we're against our own unions, that we burnt out years ago and are only in it for the pensions, that we're none too bright and lazy to boot - means that they know some teachers, right?

They have all this secret, uncomplimentary information because their trusting teacher allies told them, right?

How many teachers do you know who hobnob with the 1% after work?  How many plutocrats do you encounter in your daily activities on and off school grounds?  Either Bloomberg et al. have a special secret way to meet teachers, or they're just liars.

Since I already know Michael Bloomberg is a hypocrite - 35:1 classrooms are great for NYC public schools but not for his daughters' private ones - I'm guessing he's fibbing here.  And this fib is awfully offensive.

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