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16 January 2013

The New Lunch Program

The District has a fancy new lunch program!  Some observations:

1. The kids are eating more.
2. They are also eating more vegetables, probably because of small things like the celery is actually crunchy and stuff like that.
3. The food is now served on these segmented Chinet trays.  The kids can manage these better and they're stronger: fewer catastrophic tray failures on the way to the table.
4. This means I need to stock up on old model cafeteria trays for craft supply dispersal.
5. Today's menu for lunch: chicken and waffles (or vegetarian breakfast for lunch).  Actual lunch: BBQ chicken wings.  Number of adults on campus intending to purchase school lunch based on the menu: at least four.  This kind of thing happened all the time under the old program too, but then, no adults were voluntarily buying those lunches.


Dana Woldow said...

Um, not to nitpick, but the lunch menu for January 16th does actually show BBQ wings. The chicken and waffles lunch is scheduled for next Wednesday, the 23rd.
The menu is here:

E. Rat said...

Thanks for the correction - something to look forward to next week - and the link (we just got menus this week).

After spending three lunch hours this year assisting our cafeteria staff in finding and discarding freshly-delivered and already moldy tortillas, and surviving a lunchless first day last year, the new program would look good just because it's new. So it's nice that it is also actually good.

Dana Woldow said...

The layout of the new menu (which is designed and printed by the meal provider) has the date for each day's meal at the bottom, whereas the old layout (from the former provider) had it at the top. If you are used to finding the date and then reading the menu listing below, you will end up thinking next week's lunch is being served today. So find the date first, then look UP to find that day's selection.

Menus generally get posted here before they are distributed to schools: