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13 January 2013

Behold the Power of Education Reform.

(More serious discussion of the "data" presented in the MET Project's latest report can be found at Gary Rubinstein's blog.)

Please notice how the young and white educator is so innovative and driven that he can get today's computer programs to run on yesterday's computers.  I mean, that thing clearly takes floppy disks, but that can't hold the high expectations back!

All the problems I have with my eighteen year old eMac are due to my union contract and bad attitude.  If I were just younger and more committed, I could make it happen.  I should stop worrying about Smarter Balanced and how I don't have any internet (let alone internet-ready devices) in my classroom and just start caring more.

Obviously, there's a great deal more that can be said about this touching picture of education reform at its finest, but I'm hung up on that computer.  It reminds me of the machines I used for LOGO and Oregon Trail.  In the eighties.

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