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20 May 2011

Multiple Domiciles Possibly Needed.

I left 14 healthy chicks in their new, improved, larger brooder yesterday afternoon.

They are so popular I have had to start locking my classroom door when I am not there, lest I return to chick paparazzi children.

Hopefully they had a fine night of rest and will be healthy and happy this morning.


Anonymous said...

Congrats! How great is that for the kids?
Can't help you with a domicile, but if you are serious then post again--I do know folks (teachers, no less) who keep chickens in the city.

E. Rat said...

I am seriously looking for homes, but I won't know how many more I need until Tuesday, I think. Right now I have three.

We have this big plan for next year wherein I purchase and incubate Silkie eggs, and then we keep a couple of hens at school and they provide slug abatement for the school garden. I'm kind of excited.

Anonymous said...

Okay, keep us posted....will ask provisionally if these folks would like some new chicks.