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11 May 2011

Reality Nibbles Complacency

I skipped the BoE meeting, because I have a limited appetite for moral outrage about the status quo followed by a vote in favor of status quo.

What I understand to be SFUSD's belief is that teachers should protest, teachers should raise awareness about the dire state of education funding, teachers should close the opportunity gap no matter how bad that funding gets, teachers should expect a total lack of job security and layoffs, while Board Commissioners and Superintendents will make self-validating comments to the press.

The utter lack of responsibility is offensive.  I'm exhausted by listening to so much posturing followed by so little action.  In the end, when SFUSD takes action that is unambiguously worse for its highest-need communities, it is SFUSD - not California - choosing to act that way.

It is probably for the best that the District higher-ups have not seen the inside of a classroom in years.  Their stunning lack of innovation, creative thinking and belief in social justice leaves them unsuited to the profession.

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