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21 May 2011

Promograduation is Tuesday, and...

  1. Instruments for performance of "Turn the World Around": Sanded, primed and painted.  Still need to be decorated.
  2. Giant "Class of 2027" Banner: Decorated.
  3. Paper People: Autobiographies written, affixed.  Googly eyes placed.  Most of the paper people have bottoms.  Still need jackets, hair, decorations and final coloring.
  4. Self-Portrait Banner: Um.  Yes.  Er.  In Planning.
  5. New Exciting Dress for the Teacher, Found at a Cost Point that Excuses Jello Mold Incidents at the Potluck: Check, Betsey Johnson crinolined prom dressy thing, bought secondhand.
  6. Sashes for Graduates: Glittered.  (Each kid gets one; they read "Future (Insert Career Here)".
  7. Chicks: In possession of larger new coop with bedding they cannot fully saturate with water for fun.
  8. Diplomas: I have them.  They have nothing on them, but I have them.
  9. Assessment: FINISHED.
  10. Report Cards: I. don't. want. to. talk. about. this.
  11. First Grade Class Loads: Done.
  12. Loading Cards: Need to attach assessments.
  13. What I Am Doing Today: Going to work.

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